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Operations Plan

How we deliver products and services to our customers

2.1  Business structure

We are incorporated in Australia but we're looking for a joint venture partner who has a sales record in the accountancy industry.  We'd either set up a joint venture limited entity, or cross-licence in order to meet the expectations of both parties.

2.2  Scope of operation

The ledger product is internationalised and while it would be an additional bonus to have a venture partner with immediate access to other jurisdictions, that is not so important.  With the operation under way, we'll readily be able to find similarly collegiate partners in other jurisdictions.

2.3  Regulatory issues


2.4  Insurance

Our existing professional indemnity arrangements are sufficient.

2.5  Business premises

We operate virtually and have a state of the art collaboration portal.  We have a local registered office and post office box.  Staff work from home via the internet.  Should it prove necessary to procure office space for (pre)sales, then we will investigate a shared services environment.

2.6  Production arrangements

We produce the BastionLedger software and the supporting subscription framework.  We have covenants ensuring access to BastionLinux for mass-deployment of enterprise software.  Other underlying software frameworks are GPL licenced guaranteeing perpetual access to the technologies.

2.7  Distribution (place) arrangements

We do need to progress a local (Australian) ISP/hosting arrangement.  Currently our systems are running on our platform in Prague, Czech Republic.  We are very keen to remove such network latency for local customers.  Our BastionLinux technology platform means it is trivial to build and scale data centre operations.

2.8  Credit terms

We have no credit arrangements in place.

2.9 Plant and equipment

It is yet to be determined if we should own or rent hardware with a datacenter provider.  We would prefer a loose arrangement with our provider as we'd like to take advantage of a cloud computing platform as this technology matures.  Regardless, we're not anticipating expensive platform requirements, and many specialist lenders exist to debt-finance much of this.

2.10 Quality control

We utilise the latest agile software development practices with an extensive regressing testing suite.  Our software release infrastructure is a dedicated Linux distribution embodying industry norms and best practice.  We use sophisticated network monitoring tools to ensure SLA's.  Our helpdesk infrastructure provides statistics and escalations.  Online surveys provide customer feedback.

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