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The Problem

We see a huge and burgeoning market for online accounting systems. Desktop accounting packages are dead - even Microsoft are no longer offering Money Plus.

The entire delivery mechanism for the services industry has changed dramatically - especially simple rule-based businesses. A single website can service the entire planet. Sophisticated callcentres are set up in low-cost zones and foreign students are returning home with vocational training from first world institutions.

The Challenge

Presently accountants' enjoy a good relationship with their small-business customers, but their practices are arcane to say the least.

Email messages, floppy disks, and Excel spreadsheets are the norm. Purchases of shrink-wrap financial software is driven by advice from your accountant.

Most small business receives, and perhaps desires, little value-add from their accountant relationship other than the assurance that they are complying with local laws. Many will seek out a more impersonal low-cost provider if one is available.

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